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About A to Z

       In a market full of tutors and tutoring companies,

Nifty initials, huh? I need them with test monikers like SAT, ACT, ISEE, SSAT, COOP, HSPT, SHSAT, GRE, etc.Like her initials, Alexandra Zabriskie covers everything from AtoZ.  An honors graduate of Princeton University with over 15 years' experience tutoring standardized tests and academic subjects, Alexandra has a proven track record of bringing out the best in each individual.

Whatever the subject, Alexandra’s primary focus is on the student in front of her, and how he or she absorbs information.  The material may be the same, but the minds are not.

Does the student think he or she is better at Math or English? Do they respond to images or abstract ideas? Alexandra Zabriskie’s 1st rule of tutoring: students are never allowed to put themselves down. 'I am so stupid' or 'I can’t' is not acceptable or productive – ever.Do  they excel in school but freeze during tests? Is there a history of learning "disabilities," or as Alex puts it, are their brains "just wired differently?”  Alexandra takes all these factors into account and tailors her lessons accordingly.

Some of the schools represented by AtoZ’s clientele are:  Brooklyn Friends, Browning, Chapin, City & Country, Dwight, Friends Seminary, LaGuardia, Marymount, Nightingale-Bamford, Packer, Poly Prep, Riverdale, Stuyvesant, Trevor Day, UNIS and Public Schools throughout the city.


Test Yourself:

There are two errors in the following sentence – what are they?

He likes to hit from both sides of the plates. He’s amphibious.

– Yogi Berra         

Alexandra is AtoZIf you hire her, you will get her, not a college or graduate student who has only been tutoring for 6 months and is reciting what they were trained to say. Alex knows what she is doing - she can adapt to almost any situation and accommodate for any need.

She’s a Native New YorkerAlexandra Zabriskie's 2nd rule of tutoring: make ‘em laugh, at least once per session. If it’s at my expense, all the better!.
Raised in New York City, Alexandra attended Spence School and Friends Seminary. She doesn't have to imagine the pressures NYC students face, she lived it. She can thus build an immediate rapport with her students based on shared experience - and a healthy sense of humor.

She specializes in
Test-Taking Stress
Many students study diligently but freeze or panic on test day. This is called "Performance Anxiety."  In consultation with learning specialists, psychologists and performers, Alex has developed exercises to help students overcome their test-taking stress, guaranteeing better results.

A FREE Consultation - Alexandra offers a FREE meeting to the family before any commitment is made in order to answer any questions the parents may have, and to let the prospective student get a "feel" for her.  The FREE consultation is meant for the student to see that working with a tutor - with Alexandra, specifically - will not be such a burden after all.

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