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Subjects Covered


Whether they go to New York City public or private schools, at least half of these students will require extra support for standardized tests or academics, and tutoring can help.

ISEE - The Independent School Entrance Exam

ISEE – Independent School Entrance Exam

SSAT - Secondary School Admissions Test

SSAT – Secondary School Admissions Test

One of these two tests is given when applying to independent and private schools at the Lower, Middle and Upper levels – (which one is up to the individual school)

HSPT - High School Placement Test

HSPT –  High School Placement Test

COOP - Cooperative Admissions Examination Program

COOP – Cooperative Admissions Exam

TACHS - Test for Admission into Catholic High Schools

TACHS – Test for Admission to Catholic High Schools

These three tests are all for applying to Catholic schools  – (which one depends on the school)

SHSAT - Specialized High School Admissions Test

SHSAT – Specialized High School Admissions Test

The sole criteria for admission to the 9 specialized public high schools.*

 ACADEMIC SUPPORT,  age 10 and up

While tutoring can be a tremendous help with academics and standardized tests, how much is actually up to the student: the more work put in, the more progress is made.

  Basic Reading, Writing and Math
  Essays and Research Papers
  College Application Essays
  English and American Literature
  Drama – Greek to Shakespeare to Modern
  Math – Arithmetic through basic Trigonometry
  World and US History
  Basic Sciences


College applications have reached an all-time high; in 2010 admission rates ran from encouraging (Penn State 51%) to absurd (Yale 7%, U.CO Boulder 83%).

For test dates, go to Alex's blog

PSAT testing information a CollegeBoard.com

PSAT – Preliminary SAT
Considered the “Practice” SAT, it is taken in October of Junior year (schools offer "trial" runs in the Spring of Sophomore year).

SAT testing information a CollegeBoard.com

SAT – SAT Reasoning Test
Originally called the Scholastic Aptitude Test, it is the most frequently used standardized test to assess a student’s preparedness for college

The ACT is a national college admissions examination

ACT – American College Testing
An alternative to the SAT, which is becoming more popular among colleges

Alexandra covers some SAT II tests

SAT II Subject Tests
One-hour tests formatted like the SAT, but dedicated to one subject (U.S. History, Math, Literature, Chemistry, etc.)

* for more information, go to the FAQ page *

One of the most common errors on the SAT? Filling in the wrong bubbles!

GRE - Graduate Record Examination

GRE – Graduate Record Examination
Standardized test used as part of application to over 3,200 graduate schools/programs

GMAT - Graduate Management Admission Test

     – Graduate Management Admission  Test 
Standardized test used as part of application to graduate business schools

* Bronx Science, Brooklyn Latin, Brooklyn Tech, HS for Math & Sciences @ City College, HS for America @ Lehman College, LaGuardia, Queens HS for Sciences, Staten Island Tech, Stuyvesant

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