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Reviews, Endorsements & Testimonials

"Alexandra worked with my son, Phillip, as he prepared to take the ACT, specifically to improve his math score. Through a series of on-line tutoring sessions Alex refreshed his math knowledge, and also gave him helpful test taking strategies. Alex was very flexible and generous with her time, and best of all for Phillip, she made the sessions fun. Their hard work paid off with improved scores. We enthusiastically recommend Alex!"

- Laura Catlin, Bozeman, MT


"It is without reservation that we recommend AtoZ Tutor. Alex is a smart-as-a-whip, patient and engaging tutor who clearly loves working with kids. She challenged my 10-year-old boys intellectually, built their self-esteem and confidence, while she honed and sharpened their testing skills. Both of my sons got into every school they applied to and we are indebted to and so grateful to Alexandra for making that happen."

- Jessica Morris, mother of 10-year old twins, Brooklyn


"Test taking was never my strong suit and my PSAT scores reflected that. In addition, Math was a major weakness academically. I didn't believe that I could do any better on the SAT, but then I started working with Alexandra.  Alex was patient and understanding, and she taught me how to approach difficult questions. When I took the SAT, not only did my Math score go up 180 points, but I went up 400 points overall! I am very happy with the results of my tutoring and would recommend Alex to anyone."

- Arielle, Marymount School of New York


"Alexandra worked with our daughter Isabella during fourth and fifth grades. Alex was more than just a tutor, she was a mentor and friend who helped Isabella unleash her intellectual creativity while fostering her personal development. Specifically, Alex worked with Isabella on reading, research and creative writing. During the period Isabella worked with Alex, not only did Isabella's academic performance greatly improve but her self-confidence also was enhanced. We had such a good experience when Alex worked with our older daughter that we now have her working with our younger daughter Sophia. I cannot recommend Alex highly enough."

- Russell Nuce, parent, PS234


"Alex brings humor, empathy and intelligence to SAT preparation, and she gets results. By developing a close working relationship with my son, she delivered a more positive and worthwhile experience than I had ever imagined possible. Tutoring became an opportunity to fill in some knowledge gaps, strengthen memory skills and build test-taking stamina. As a result, my son’s scores improved dramatically from the PSAT. Alex is amazing."

- Mother of high school Junior

"I was never confident in school so it was difficult to achieve my potential.  Alexandra only tutored me on the SAT, but she pushed me.  When I saw how much I improved, I gained confidence, and that crossed over into my schoolwork. If you want a dreadfully average SAT tutoring experience, go to one of those big places; if you want someone who makes it exciting, who you look forward to seeing each week, and who takes the time to fit her tutoring to your needs, that person is Alex. She was rooting for me during the entire process, and her words of encouragement were with me during the entire 3 1/2 hour "marathon" that she calls the SAT.  Working with Alexandra was a wonderful experience."

- Charlotte, The Dwight School
Manhattan, New York City, New York


"The results speak for themselves: with Alex's help, I achieved a perfect score on the SAT. What more needs to be said?"

- Jenna, Stanford University


"Alexandra has not only the intelligence, the understanding of academic material, and the teaching skills, but also the engaging personality that makes for a truly successful tutorial. Clients consistently praised her for her energy, professionalism, and results. She was a pleasure to have on my team."

- Rich Silverstein, Former Manager, Laurus Tutoring NYC


"Alex is a first rate tutor. She has successfully worked with many of my counselees, helping them dramatically improve their scores and gain entry into the most selective colleges. She's dynamic, smart, super funny, and understands the high anxiety today's college applicants face. I recommend her with total confidence."

Pilar Jennings, Ph.D., College Advisor & Psychoanalyst


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